Saturday, May 23, 2009


While looking at the set below I was thinking to myself, " I would wear this if I were going to a ball or were a vampire". Then it hit me to talk about this. How could I forget to talk about this already? The official poster came out a few days ago for New Moon movie and Rob Pattz confirmed there's gonna be a 4th movie for the final book! I. CANNOT. WAIT. He wont' be in this movie as much as I'd like as it's mostly about Jacob and Bella (damn it). Yes, talking about the Twilight Saga has made me become a teenager again. But Edward is so perfect I can't help it... I'm waiting for my Edward to come along still.


  1. I'm in 'Team Jacob' Wahaha

  2. agh team jacob! that's good i guess, one less person who's gonna want my edward ehehhe