Sunday, May 17, 2009

Darn online booking

I wish I could be doing another one of my awesome movie review but sorry to disappoint my loyal fans *snicker*, I have not had the privilege to watch the film. I had set out to watch this film a few hours back after a nice dinner with my buddy. Ususally when I go watch a movie I preorder the tickets online first. Hence, I suggested the night before to book tix online but since booking online means we'll cop a surcharge, my buddy suggested we buy the tix on the spot.
So at the end after stuffing ourselves and checking with different cinemas around town to see whether we could still get tickets, we gave up and went drinking. Yes. Who knew this film would be so popular?! *cue eye roll*
Our plan now is to go next tuesday (cheapo tix all day); during day time when productive memebers of the society are at work. Heck, I might even suggest booking online again.
Image via Daemonsmovie

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