Monday, May 4, 2009

Things that go nicely with caramel popcorn

One of my favourite pasttimes besides being a bum at home would be going to the movies. Over the long weekend I managed to catch 2- X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 17 Again. They were both really good! It's refreshing to see Zac Efron doing something that doesn't involve singing (he can act too- quite funny in the movie). Wolverine did not disappoint either. The plot was interesting to a person with no x-men comic book knowledge such as myself, Hugh Jackman was great in it and the special effects were pretty cool. Also, I had no idea Logan's so old.
Alright, I'm not a movie critic so that's all I know how to say. At least I didn't go down the "OMG they are soooooooo hottt" path and I totally could have, so gimme some credit...
Images via Cineplex and Collider

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