Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Opinions matter

" Disgusting! Terrible! Wouldn’t Stay There Again If You Paid
The pool was out of order because the water was disgusting, you couldn’t even walk past the pool plant room because the smell was so toxic, the majority of staff could not speak English and the ones that could were about 12 years old and didn’t know anything about the place, the food was not only terrible but they reused meat that had been in the previous day’s buffet."

Eeew. And that's just one customer's review on York Fairmont Resort in New South Wales, Australia- the "world's worst reviewed hotel" on TripAdvisor, as reported by Tabloid Prodigy. Management should seriously take into account what people are writing on that site cos heaps of people go there to plan where to stay for their holidays. Or maybe it's a new marketing ploy, like reverse psychology to get you to go there.

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