Saturday, June 20, 2009


So I was among the first ones to watch the movie in Japan at the advance screening session (we even received certificates to prove that we were among the first ones in the world to watch it or something) and I was so impressed. I LOVED IT. I watched the first one like 7 times in the cinema and I think I'm gonna watch it at least another time. At least. The movie runs 160 mins long but not once did I feel like it was long. In fact, I didn't get enough. The coolest thing was of course the transformations of the robots. Also, me and my buddy were the only ones in the cinema laughing out loud in the cinema.... some of the new characters were pretty cool too. Notable mention: the twins and the pet Michela keeps towards the middle of the movie. However, I did not like the last couple lines of the movie... thought they were cheesy.

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